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Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaurs have stirred the imagination of generations of children and adults.  The gem-quality cabochons produced by The Agate Works provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the heritage of our predecessors on earth.

Our cabochons are cut from small, broken pieces of fossil bone that have eroded out of the soil and are scattered across the surface.  Large bone fragments and complete animals that may be of scientific value are not utilized for lapidary work.  Most of the material we cut was originally included with the collection of Tom Helfrich, who was the author of American Dinosaur: The Vanishing of a Gembone.

If you look carefully at dinosaur bone, you will notice that each of the bone cells has become a tiny agate that is surrounded by the bone structure.  There are a wide-range of colors found in gem-quality fossil bone, including red, orange, yellow, brown, black and blue.  Sometimes a piece will have multi-colored cells and/or adjacent cells of a totally different color.

 The Agate Works provided the blood-red cabochons used to produce the jewelry for The Twilight Saga:  New Moon movie that is expected to be released in November 2009.

ABOVE:  Jewelry created by Artisan Designs out of Portland, Oregon with dinosaur bone cut by The Agate Works for The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie.






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